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Shelly Evers


I have been in the health field for 22 years. I owned and operated Personal Care and Community Living Homes. My work experience includes working with persons with mental health issues, intellectual disabilities, and geriatrics. I am currently a Certified Biofeedback Stress Therapist, Massage Therapist as well as a Certified Hemp/CBD Cannabis Educator. 

  After being diagnosed with a brain tumor in March 2016, my life was forever changed. I lost my vision and hearing on my right side, after surgery. I developed a secondary condition called Chiari Malformation. This condition causes chaos on the nervous system.  I had to retrain some of my bodily functions to get my homeostasis balance back. My doctor at the time told me "This is your life now. You will not work at your current job again and you need to accept that!"  Well my thoughts were that this is not an option for me.  So my next step was exploring cannabis and learning very early that getting high was also not an option while I was healing. I also received advise from professionals that were unfamiliar with proper dosing protocols for this substance.  There was alot of trial and error however, I drew the line when I woke up stoned and pantless in my back yard. I then started to educated myself on the Cbd-Hemp world and realized there is a whole other non-psychoactive side to this amazing plant.

I then started growing strains and extracting oil from my plants, while learning, educating, getting certified, etc.

My mission then opened up to helping others. I started sharing my oil. The feedback was overwhelming with the improvements in everyone's own different life/health circumstances. 

This oil feeds our internal Endocannabinoid system which helps to regulate and bring harmony to our homeostasis. 

HENCE..…. the beginning of Neuro Hemp Solutions.

The Certificate Program Educates On Essential Topics of Hemp-Cannabis

This topics include: 

-Endocannabinoid System

-Addressing myths and fears with science.

-Biology and botany of cannabis.

-Proper dosing protocols.

-Product delivery methods.

-Safe products use.


-Compliance and Regulations.




Shelly Evers has completed the Hemp, Cannabis, CBD Certificate Program,   Cannabis Fundamentals Program, & Patient Care Program

Shelly Evers

Hemp-CBD Educator


Ian Knibbs has completed the Hemp, Cannabis, CBD Certificate Program, Cannabis Fundamentals Program

Ian Knibbs

Hemp-CBD Educator


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