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Welcome to Neuro Hemp Solutions! We take pride in being a Local Saskatchewan business providing a variety of the best quality industrial hemp products. We are also certified Educators/Consultants on the topic of cannabis. We are excited to have conversations to help with any questions or concerns to ease your mind on this amazing topic. All our products are THC free or non psycho active and made to perfection to obtain the highest quality products to gently support the human body. 

Our Mission is to help others to achieve a healthy understanding and homeostasis balance to the body using products that contain cannabinoid/terpenes profiles. 

Our Products are available at the following locations:

Regina Locations:

 The Brick and Motar Store 

2100 Dewdney Ave. Regina, Sask.

Ph: 306-352-2602

Store Hours:

  Tues to Friday: 11am to 6pm

Saturday: 11 to 5 pm

The Funky Gifter

Centennial Market

1230 Broad Street. Regina, Sask.

Store Hours:

Sunday to Wednesday: 11am to 5pm

Thursday to Saturday: 11am to 7pm

Such N Stuff Gift Shop 

1818 McAra Street. Regina, Sask.

Ph: 306-559-0466 

Store Hours:

Sunday: 12pm to 6pm

Monday: 9am to 6pm

Tues to Friday: 9am to 9pm

Saturday: 9am to 6pm 

Weyburn Location:

The General Store

42 3rd Street, Weyburn, Sask. S4H 0V9

Ph 1-306-870-0277

Store Hours: 

Monday to Saturday

10am to 5pm


11pm to 4pm

Estevan Location:

The General Store

1206 4th Street, Estevan, Sask. S4A 0W9

PH 1-306-634-4526       

Store Hours:

Monday to Saturday

10am to 5pm


11pm to 4pm


Your consultation

is all about helping you to get all your questions answered. 

We offer one-on-one and group support. We will answer any questions to ease your mind.  Our support team has completed multiple Hemp-CBD certification programs. Please call to book a phone consult!

We also have hemp oil solutions for your beloved pets. All animals with a spine has an

 endocannabinoid system as well and find benefits from taking hemp oil.




Customer's Feedback

I have known Shelly for 16 years as my Biofeedback Stress Management Therapist. She recommended this product to me 2 years ago. This hemp oil has done wonders to my cells and I feel that it was a game changer in regards to improving my health goals.

Lana H. Regina, Sask.


I was recommended this product and I have been taking it for 1 year now. This hemp oil has helped me with inflammation. I will not stop taking it now. Its part of my health regimen.

S. Broads. Regina, Sask.


I have been seeing Shelly for 11 years now. She is one of the most knowledgeable people I have met. Her care for her patience/clients is superior. She goes beyond expectations to make sure that you are looked after on so many levels and she had helped me to transition to improved health, mentally, spiritually and body. I started taking this hemp oil 3 months ago and it has helped with my inflammation and my digestive issue. I will continue with the oil, as long as it continues to help me.

Leena V. Regina, Sask



Disclaimer: Neuro Hemp Solutions does not provide medical advise nor suggest the use of their product to heal, treat, diagnose any medical conditions. Information presented on this site is intended as personal and professional representation of my views. This is to be used as education purposes only. It is not intended to replace your licensed medical doctor. Please consult your physician or health care provider before beginning any dietary regimens.

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